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Items & Services, Preferences & Tax Codes – QuickBooks (QB-102-08)

QuickBooks 2008 Online Recorded Training

Cost: $34.95 + GST. Support materials included.

Date: Available anytime, anywhere

Length: 70 minutes

Who should take this course: People who are using QuickBooks for the first time or are starting their business and setting up their bookkeeping for the first time. Current users who would like to increase their knowledge and efficiency in using QuickBooks 2008.

Prerequisites: No previous QuickBooks experience required

QuickBooks uses List Items and Tax Codes when processing transactions.  It is important to understand how Items work in QuickBooks; they are the building block for generating valuable reports and assisting business owners in making accurate and sound business decisions. This training session makes it easy for you to understand how to manage Items, how to add, edit and delete Items from the List menu, and how the Preferences and Settings work with Items. The session includes multiple demonstrations in QuickBooks of using Items and Tax Codes in transactions.


  • Understanding Company Settings and Preferences
  • Navigating in the Home window
  • Understanding the List menu, specifically Services Items and Tax Items
  • Adding, editing and deleting Services and Tax Items
  • Understanding the Sales Tax Codes
  • Adding, editing and deleting Sales Tax Codes
  • Demonstrations of using Items and Tax Codes in transactions
  • QuickBooks tips and tricks